EN Bank is Iran’s first private bank operating in Iran and some of Middle Eastern countries. As a freelance graphic designer, I worked closely with EN Bank’s Marketing Department to design and develop several advertising campaigns.

2010 – 2012


Brief: EN BANK was offering a complete integrated Internet banking services while the other banks were suffering from delays and out-dated models.

Solution: I wanted to effectively convey the message of an Internet Banking with no time limits. I proposed the following slogan for the whole campaign: “Your Bank Never Sleeps”. Based on this slogan,“a clock without hands” was designed as the main idea of this campaign. 

Brief: EN BANK was introducing the Corporate Banking services. Their slogan was “Sustainable Cooperation”.

Solution: To hero the campaign’s slogan, I used an image of a tandem bicycle to symbolise the importance of a collaborative approach for a win-win relationship between the bank and firms.

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